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Software for Entering Coords Into Garmin Etrex 20

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What Software do you recommend for Entering Coords Into Garmin Etrex 20?


I have a list of about 20 cords I want to input and the one button on the GPS is pretty time consuming.  I downloaded the GPX reviewer and recorder, but doesn't seem to do it.

I want to be able to type on lat long like:


33°58'15.1"N 112°43'40.7"W



Thanks in advance.

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Appears Garmin Basecamp does what I need.  You can download for free off the Garmin.com site.

My second google search turned this up.

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  Another neat trick I use, is if you have some placemarks/ waypoints on google earth, and want to put them on Garmin Basecamp, go to file, save place as, then put the kmz or kml file on your desktop. Then go to Basecamp and File, Import into My Collection, then select the kmz/kml file you saved on your desktop, and bammo the once placemark, or multiple placemarks is now on your basecamp... remember to drag the my collection sites to your gps in basecamp to download to your gps....


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Dave thanks.  I'm rather new to the software and appreciate the tips.  I use GPS and USGS maps a lot, and even did a little surveying a while ago, but need to move into the 21st century and make things easy on myself.

I finally realized I don't have to fat finger these anymore from Google Earth to the ETREX.  I do need to learn what the GPX KMZ and KML file extensions are.  I'll give a shot to what you mentioned.

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Also you can use http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map_input?form=googleearth  to paste your coordinates into using format below:


BIG NUGGET,COCHISE CO, 31°23’59.94”N,112°16’25.11”W



I use this to make a .kml for GPAA claims. You just save your list into a word file and when you're ready to update, paste it into the gps visualizer address to make .kml.  Then you should be able to import it into basecamp and then etrex.  I do this for the Garmin Montana

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