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Summer Prospecting Fun.....


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Hey folks !   Thought i`d chime in and let ya`ll know that boulder dash and I have been drywashing alot:Diggin_a_hole: We will continue to explore, beep, and drywash until our bodies give out.... I chose a few photo`s to share with the group.  Be safe in the coming months...It`s still out there !   More to come  :inocent:

A couple ounces of fines


A pile of nuggets...



Nice to see water in the desert....


A great summer eve...






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Be careful out there fellas !!    :Just_Cuz_06:

Thanks for the report.  Happy to see your efforts are not going unrewarded.   :ROFL:

Keep it up, or at least for as long as you can.   

Remember, it will still be there when you get back.   :4chsmu1:

Way to go guys !!  :thumbsupanim


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SON OF A BEEEEEEEP!!  Awesome gold guys. Keep it up but watch that heat.

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:thumbsupanim Righteous gold, great pics but 109 in the bloody shade :th: Our heat spell bad enough at  105 range but air in house,car and all over,even the gym . 80 at 8am sucks as opening up house at night keeps the electric bills down but not last night. Must be all that hot air from 3 candidates in 2 days up here hahahaha-John

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Very cool, guys!   You surely know your stuff.  Keep at it.  I love the pics and the fact that you guys don't mind sharing finds!  Please continue.

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Wow! Crazy gold...but I know what your going through to get it :)
Keep at it till you have a heart attack!

Still beats being here in the city:yesss:

Good you found a place to take a shower also :ROFL:


Tom H.


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Adam, boulder dash way to go.
Nice pile of gold, :thumbsupanim but I have to say all that lead in there with it is a real buzz killer.:2mo5pow::D
I know, keep it real.

2 hours ago, Matt S said:

Touching on a recent topic, you might want to start think about selling maps to where you have been finding all your gold...so we all don't waste our time there. Very nice gold!

Matt I like the way you think. these guys dont screw around, they take it down to bedrock. :D


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Great gold. Absolutely amazing.  Keeping us motivated.

That much running water, this time of year, really makes me wonder where you guys are going. Might not even be on this world.....

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I Am pretty familiar with dry washing, just not familiar with running a dry washer over good ground.


I was reffering to the clear, brook size flow of water.  Only saw clear flowing water like that once here, and that was in a spring that formed after the epic rains a couple years ago.  Aside from that, I did find the agua fria flowing about 12" wide one March day. All the other streams I've seen have been flowing like chocolate milk from the flash floods. 


This may be strange, but I find the picture of the clear waterfall in the desert as interesting as the gold.:-)  

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Those nuggets are amazing, Adam, but they don't look like AZ gold... More like Alaska or Washington!  WTG you two...You're earning it! Cheers, Unc


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