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Unusual Rye Patch nuggets

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I just got back from 5 days out hunting at Rye Patch with a group of friends.  One of our group snagged 18 little dinks with his 2300.  A couple other guys also got one or two.

Luckily, I managed to score the best but they are not your usual Rye Patch nuggets.  The large one has quartz attached.  Out of the hundreds of nuggets I've found out there over the years, I've only seen two others with quartz.  It's very rare.  The other is not heavy, but paper thin.  Again, not your usual pieces from there.  Both were about 10 inches deep and gave faint signals.  No chevrons or any other marks that would distinguish them as unique to Rye Patch.



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Digger Bob

Nice finds.

My guess, the nugget on the left boulder rolled. one the right fresh-er break off a quartz cobble.

Ive found a lot of nuggets up there. all over the north.

Question is where does Rye start and end, where does chevron gold in Nevada start and end?


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Nice AU!

Where is a good place to camp? Last time I went some were camping right by the dam at the turn in the road. I want to go over but just need some idea of where to swing. We went with the WSPA on that outing so had info on where everyone was going. Tired of busting rock and just want to swing.


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There may be more to that map than your seeing, :old: AzNuggetBob

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Funny.  I have been on a family road trip and was coming down the 80 today, on my way to Reno NV.   I pull in for gas and see a guy with a pin pointer on his side.  So I ask him how his prospecting has been going.  He looks at me kind of shocked like how in the heck did I know what he'd been doing? :)  Mind you that I am a lot younger than the typical prospector.  (I'm only 43 and most people tend to look at prospecting like a retirement hobby)  Me, I like to get a head start.  Anyways, I introduce myself and we get to talking.  His friend shows me about a 1 gram nugget and then it starts to click that I must be in the Rye Patch area.   

The whole trip from Phoenix to Calgary I bugged my wife to death about the geology we passed, pin pointing what I thought were gold areas for me to check myself on later, and then I run into a fellow prospector at a gas station.  Small world, I guess.  And now I've been introduced to Rye Patch.

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