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Everyone who saw this event please put it on the AMSmeteors.org reporting website http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireballs/fireball-report/ so that we can get good coordinates of a likely fall zone.



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Looks like on Indian Reservation, not much wind, so didn't drift to far from radar hit ( The Box in Red)


Cibique, AZ picture.jpg

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Your map shows the possible fall zone just north of the Upper Salt River on the Whiteriver Apache Reservation.The Upper Salt River is a massive canyon nearly the size of the Grand Canyon in scale and virtually unknown to most Arizonans. The area is extremely steep and rugged. You usually need a permit and, possibly, a local guide to go off the main route 60. Your vehicle and equipment may be impounded and not returned by local tribal authorities if there without permission. Especially in this record heat, this area is not for the physically unfit or unprepared.

The real question is what is the source of your plot prediction and how accurate is it? Refinement is critical to avoid wasted searches.  I know from personal experience.

I personally interact with and hire Whiteriver Apache members for my business and have contacts.

billpeters 602-312-9888

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On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2016 at 2:43 PM, lotsa luck said:

Got good video of it entering just before 0400 this morning on several of my plants security cameras.  Lit us up like daylight for about 2 seconds.

Hey Lotsa Luck,

 Security camera's for your plants.... must be some good plants... :brows:


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One of the surgeons that I work with, and lives in Paradise Valley, saw the light from the fireball and his house shook, went outside to see what it was, and told me that 30 seconds to a minute after the light went out of sight, there was a loud boom followed by 3 "pops".  I will hunt this one off-reservation.  

.                  Ben

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