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Sample melt question


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I ran a small sample of ore and when I melted it with flux I found a small silver ball of material in the flux along with the gold. 

Reheated just the material to consolidate with another button and the silver ball came out again all by itself, did not melt with the gold. Using Maps torch.

Any ideas what the material might be? Any way to test it?

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I think it might be Kryptonite, look around and see if a flying man has crash landed. 

What's the chance of getting a weight verses the same sized gold ball.  it looks pretty small though and might be hard to do.  What is the melting point of platinum? 

   Old Tom 

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3 hours ago, GeoJack said:

Any test I can do to confirm what it might be? Chemicals, destructive?

There's probably other better ways than these two suggestions:

1) Assuming it isn't a conglomerate I would think an Sg test would tell you.. But is the ball even large enough to easily do that..?

2) If you have a kiln / oven you could keep slowly upping the temp to see where it liquifies.. But again, is there enough mass to easily visibly watch for that..?


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Negative BD. I wonder if I smash it that it would give some clew. Silver vs ?

Don't think it is silver as it would have melted with the AU which shows a 6% silver content an 92+ AU.

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GeoJack -- Did you use flux when you melted the two Au buttons together..? I'm going to guess no, based on the wording of the initial post..

I can understand a higher melting point 'impurity' coming out with a flux.. No flux though..? Not so much.. I would think it should be captured un-melted in the "pure" Au.. Yet it wasn't..

Boulder dash's magnetic thought now bears credence, or perhaps better put would be something like "repelling charges cannot co-habitate the same space.."

Let's say you assembled your melting flux using Granny's 'pinch-and-scosh' dry measurement method.. This, along with an uneven torch heating temp., assures each button will be slightly different property-wise.. Even with this slight anomaly, as long as all the impurities below Au melt point have been removed / burnt off I see no problem combining two or two thousand buttons with or without a finishing flux (which why use a flux anyhow, since the buttons still need further refining, since they were made as a matter of ease and convenience to begin with..)

The question becomes: Does introducing a metal 'impurity' having a melt point above that of Au create a condition that when the temperature reaches Au melt point both metals become charged in a manner repelling one from the other..?

Far-fetched..? Perhaps.. It is an explaination though.. Just skitters out from under and off to the side prior to Au solidification onset..

Or another could be the "oil and water don't mix" thing.. I suppose it's just as possible that even with Au in a molten liquid state the properties of that 'little silver ball' simply won't allow for its being encapsulated by gold.. Kind of the same as above -- just surfs away..

I realize if I wanted a possible actual answer to what you've presented some serious research needs undertaken, same as you would need to do too.. Thing is, we're hoping there's an easy explaination and someone who knows the answer will see your post and lay the science on us..

I don't think there is an easy answer though.. Matter of fact, I don't really understand how what is taking place is even possible.. So here I sit, typing pseudo-science theories about cause-and-effect.. I'm no closer to really knowing than you are.. All I can say is I've typed a couple "sounds plausable" thingies, and that I can better understand the ball coming out the second time if you used flux in that melt.. Beyond that, with the exception of the "sounds plausable's" I'm clueless about this phenominum..


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