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Clean Your Find Like Junk and Maybe You'll Be Surprised!

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Saturday, I went detecting an old house which was built in 1820 in Cincinnati. Yet I didn’t discover lots of old stuff. The only thing I unearthed was a bucket. Before deciding to keep or clear, I inspected it carefully at home and noticed that there was some writing on the top: Pope Toledo Motor Car Co!

Through understanding, Pope-Toledo was one of the makers of the Pope Motor Car Company, founded by Colonel AA Pope, and was a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Toledo, Ohio between 1903 and 1909.

Although it was not the best find that I ever detected, it was certain that the item I dug up was surprising. Generally speaking, I detect first, and clean it secondly, and then research the find later.

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Very cool find.

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Cool find :)
If memory serves me correctly. That is a grease cap for the hub of the wheel.

Good luck to you.



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