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I'm pretty sure metal detecting on state land is still illegal.   :idunno:

Clay will probably weigh in with some actual facts though...

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The above link is to a thread where Sen McGuire was receiving requests to allow detecting on state land.  Would be interesting if it was allowed; however, I don't think it went anywhere. 


I doubt the federal antiquities act applies on State land.

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I agree Clay is probably the guy to ask on this one.
This is the way I always interpreted the regs on state land as far as detecting or prospecting.
Technically your not supposed to detect or even prospect/sample etc. on state land without a prospecting permit.

But until recently not enforced.
and even with a permit it doesn't allow you to prospect/detect/sample on state land claims that are already leased..

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What I am about to say is in no way meant as disrespect toward Clay. I don't know Clay but do know he's a knowledgeable guy who has done his best to help the prospecting community. If I were to make a recommendation, it would be to perform your own due diligence on this kind of thing. The authorities are not going to care if you tell them you are doing action X because someone on the internet said it was OK. On the flip side you might be missing out if the person on the internet is wrong or did not know about all options. Laws and land statuses change daily and without proactive notice to individual citizens. The good news is for all the misinformation that is out on the internet there is a lot of good information too. While not an end all exhaustive resource on the matter, the Arizona State Land Department's website does explain what a permit may be used for in its FAQ section.

It even has info on Mineral Exploration Permits but, that topic and process is a can of worms in itself. 

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