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Coil patching did not eliminate falsing problem...

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...which kind of surprised me.. I thought for sure the repairs would be the fix.. They weren't..

Plus, prior to having found the separations at coil shell edge, I'd also felt certain the falsing was the result of long time ongoing movement where the coil wire via connector screws into the control box.. I'd even made a stiffener of sorts to try to eliminate movement at & near the point of connection, which didn't work very well since I had no place to affix without drilling holes into the control box.. It reduced movement somewhat but couldn't hold the wire steady at the connection point..

So if's off to TX for both the coil and control box.. Garrett's charge for going through the control box is righteous enough to get that done on general principal alone.. And if it turns out the coil is part or entirely the causative agent and I need to get a new one, well that's just the way it goes and is mostly on me anyhow since with better care I could have prevented everything except a connector issue..

At this point everything is still speculation anyhow.. All I know is the same problem(s) persisted on the beach following patching as prior to.. Time for the pros to check 'er out.. Infinium L / S.. No longer in production.. Still a great deep-seeking PI..


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9 hours ago, Hoser John said:

Bummer, wires got loose and shifted with that miniscule amount of room or moisture got in?? John.....

I tend to agree with you, John.. The falsing came on slow, weeks under moderate use, which while that means it 'could' be caused by fray at either end connection point, or anywhere along the length for that matter, once I put a loupe to the coil proper and found the separations I was fairly certain sealing alone wasn't going to do the trick..

I cleaned 'em as well as I could prior to sealing, but salt water and sand is definitely not the same as dealing with fresh water and dirt intrusion.. I'm pretty sure I already know what Garrett's Dx is gonna be, so am prepared to spring for a new coil.. If there's anything good about that it would be since the Infinium is now out of production they quoted me a most excellent price for a new 10 x 14 power coil..

Will let you know Dx as soon as I know.. Haven't shipped 'em off yet..


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