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Battle Over Holes

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I know that most here don't go to the beach often to hunt but for those of you who do ... PLEASE FILL YOUR HOLES!

Today Lu and I went out to one of our local beaches and we saw a guy on the beach I spoke to on Tuesday.  This guy has a hand scoop and he bends and kneels down to dig his targets in the sand.  He makes a very 'sharp' hole without rounded edges and they go down about 6-8 inches in many cases.  If his target is trash he throws it up higher on the beach.  If he likes it I don't know what it is.  When he is done he leaves the hole and finds another target.  I don't know his machine but I can go behind him and find rings and other coins he has missed.

I went to him on Tuesday and told him to please fill his holes and then left.  He is not one of the guys I can talk with about his finds.  I explained to him that someone stepping in his holes would injure themselves. (A jogger had just run by because where he was digging was just above the waves.) He was not receptive to my scolding him or trying to reason with him.  We left and hunted another area of the beach. When we returned he had left and we filled his holes (at least 60) as we found his misses.

Today I went to the same beach and he was already there.  The open holes were everywhere.  I went directly to him without turning on my detector and told him that he was still being dangerous and the lifeguards and city might stop us if someone stepped in his holes.  He was not having any of it.  "I don't have to fill my holes and you go f yourself!"  I told him I had to fill his holes and he said 'GOOD' and I hope you fill more!  I asked him if he thought his holes were safe for someone old (like me) or someone who could not see or someone jogging and he said "The beach is a dangerous place ... those people should not be here!"

What great logic.  Someone fighting for their right to be dangerous and stupid.

He makes a hole.  He is the logical one to fill it and be courteous to others and help prevent injury.  The tide will not fill it for 3 hours or more.  The only possible benefit for him in not filling a hole is that he would save time between finds.  In the meantime everyone who comes by his patch has to avoid his diggings because he is selfish.

We had a number of other choice words with each other before I left the beach.  (This was before the lifeguards had arrived or I would have gone to one of them who knows me and knows I fill my holes and given him an idea of what I was trying to do.)  I want to Police Ourselves before someone else passes an ordinance requiring a permit or posting a sign making detecting off limits.

We did just fine at another beach about a mile away so that is not the point.  Safety is the point. (Sometimes in the desert also.)

Please think a little bit about others and FILL YOUR HOLES.


P.S.  I'm going to post this on a couple of forums to get the word out.

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 Unfortunately there are too many people in the world today who cares nothing for others, they are only concerned about what they want and or doing and to hell with everyone else, but on the bright side there are still good people out there as well who do the right things at all costs.

 Hopefully this person will someday mend the error of his ways, but in the meantime he will continue to leave the beach a dangerous place for others, maybe he will trip into one of his own holes and get the big picture!!! 



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Good job Mitchel, too bad you had to even go there. Shoot i was out today in the woods off trail, and i always make sure to fill that hole. Your right it can be a hazard, i don't want any animals or people tripping in one of my holes. You set a good example there Mitchel! 

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Given my druthers I'd just as soon drive the 70 miles to the northern portion of the Treasure Coast beaches than the 23 - 25 miles to Cape Canaveral & Cocoa Beach.. The cold hard fact is it's a PITA simply getting to CC / CCB since I moved off of them, much less further south -- so I end up there at a ratio of approx. 3 or 4 to 1.. They are also the closest beaches to me, as well as for anyone heading to a beach from the Orlando area..

I've described CC / CCB in the past as workingman's / blue collar beaches, meaning when given a choice more monied individual's don't choose them as beaches to live or ongoing visit.. As a consequence, if a detectorist is looking to consistantly find higher-end jewelry these beaches are poor choices.. Plus, due to the erosive factor of being located just south of a port entrance these beaches have been replenished at least three times in the past 25 years.. Older stuff = now deeply buried.. All this as a general rule adds up to mean: besides people with metal detectors who live right here, other detectorists don't have these beaches high on their detecting lists, nor do the folks who won't be seen in public not sporting thousands of $$s worth of bling regardless where that may be.. However, none of this changes the fact these beaches are still the nearest to where I now live, and sometimes one simply needs to get to a beach to do some detecting, even if one knows the odds of finding anything decent are slim..

Which brings us to holes on the beaches.. Personally I fill mine back in.. I imagine I get some pretty funny stares and talked about more often than not though, because who in their right mind backfills a small shovel or scoop hole that's ten feet away from a monster moat three kids have just spent four hours on or next to a five foot deep hole some drunk dude is still digging so his kid can keep running down to the shore to fill a 14 oz kid bucket to bring back and dump in it..?

Do the moat builder's parents make their kids fill it in before they leave..? No.. Does the drunk dude fill his pit back in before they leave..? You're joking, right..? Have I stepped / fallen into these things in the past..? Ummm, let's just say I'm much more careful these days when night detecting on the beaches than I used to be.. I, too, have filled in my fair share of other people's holes, especially those near or at the current high tide line -- which just so happens to be the line I've been working in spots lately on CC / CCB.. Yes, the surface sand is soft and makes for tough angled walking.. But I've recently begun finding some pre-'70 dated coins along that line, sooooo...

Anyhow, all we can hope for is other's eventually learn from example.. In most cases talking to them does no good, since they're not "looking for anything" like we are.. To them, all they or their kids are doing is digging in the sand on the beach and never give the potential hazard a second thought, since Mother Nature will take care of it -- eventually.. To me, they're sorta 'innocents' in a way.. It's the other detectorists who don't backfill that are the problem.. To them, all I can say is karma is a bich, cos I've accidentally managed to live long enough to have it come back on me n bite me in the arse, hard..! I just hope they don't hurt anyone in the meantime via their foolishness as payback aligns itself..


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Johns correct, he will be the first one in line to bi*** and complain about how our rights are being taken away and how we can't do anything we love because it is being regulated or completely shut down. People like him are pitiful. It's one thing to not fill your holes because of ignorance or lack of knowledge, but to blatantly be an a$$ hole when someone approaches you in a respectable manner about it is no excuse. Good on ya Mitchel for trying.


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At least you two are doing the right thing and even trying to talk some sense into a idiot.

Unfortunately there are the few that just dont get it.

Hope you find a lot more!
Tom H.


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Thanks for reading the dilemma.  

I've done all I can with and for this guy directly.  It matters not that part of the instructions on each coil that I buy says 'Please Fill Your Holes!'

The manufacturers know the problem of metal detecting is unfilled holes.  We know that.  We also go out and see a drywasher, kids on the beach, college students and a host of other people leave bigger holes than ours.  It doesn't really matter.

WE are the face of a hobby.  We swing a metal detector and leave some dangerous little holes and WE will be judged harshly by authorities and the public alike when something happens or doesn't look right.  Kids leave a mess and grandmothers learn to see these signs and avoid those holes.  Some see our holes left open and think 'how bad' it is.

They would be right of course because a kid's hole is much more rounded and 'playful' than our stealth holes which can be dug with a $200 stainless steel scoop.  Even a $50 scoop can create a killer hole down 10 to 12 inches!

I know some people have quit going to beaches with their metal detectors because they see others leave big holes and they don't want the 'liability' of being associated with these sloppy diggers.

I'm trying to be a good example in the most public of all places ... the beach.

Today people saw me digging on the beach and filling my holes.  They come up to me and chat and they don't see me digging 100 or 200 holes that are open when I leave.

I'm courteous, polite and safety conscious.  I hope all of us can be that way. 


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