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Hand guns and prospecting

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Just like doing research for places to prospect, the laws are important to know as well. When researching prospecting the sides of the road in our county I found it was illegal to do so around any road, easement, abutment or bridge. $500 fine and they take your equipment.

So I had been riding around when prospecting and I always take a sidearm for protection when in the wilds, it seems I was not adhereing to the laws of California. You need to have either a valid hunting license or fishing license to carry a sidearm in the state when on BLM and USFS lands. Rules break down to state mandates. Having those licenses also gives the LEO the right to search you and your belongings.

So I don't hunt, rarely fish but need to have either license in order to carry a sidearm when prospecting in the forrest or BLM lands.


It seems it is ok to carry a shotgun though. Guess I'll just dig out my 12 GA and sling it over my shoulder.

This sucks.

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Agreed, just need to not look over my shoulder for the cops instead of a big cat.

When you're bent over a pan in the river with a big paw print next to you in the sand, it sucks to changing your concern to the local sheriffs office instead of the natural threat.

If this is too politican for the forum, please remove it.


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Open carry is good here in New Mexico.  Your Car or Truck is a Extension of your home.  You can put a Loaded Gun any place.  Dash Board, Glove Box  in your pocket or under the seat.    Once you step out it needs to be in the open.

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$48 last year, good til 12/31 no matter when you purchase it. Yeah, we get them every year, maybe get our lines wet once or twice. Maybe.

Trouble is there isn't any fishing where I detect so I don't know if having a fishing license would work in that sitution. Reading the law about this is very confusing at all levels. I'm pretty sure you need to demonstrate you are involved with that activity in order to be carrying.

Also need to be aware if you are packing in an area where lead is verboten.

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One "left" excuse I heard was if you didn't put yourself in danger you wouldn't need to carry a gun.

Crap, now days just leavin' your house puts you in danger. Let's hope for a better change in Nov.

Still gotta deal with Calif. lib laws. That ain't 'bout to change soon.


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 Yesterday, Democrats in Sacramento took another step in limiting your Second Amendment rights by gutting and amending four bills and turning them into anti-gun legislation. Below is the list of amende

May 7 at 10:31 AM

Yesterday, Democrats in Sacramento took another step in limiting your Second Amendment rights by gutting and amending four bills and turning them into anti-gun legislation. 

Below is the list of amended bills:

AB156 (McCarty & De Leon) - AB 156's original intent was to combat global warming but has been altered to serve as a restriction on ammunition.

AB 857 (Cooper & De Leon) – AB 857's original intent was to reduce greenhouse gases, but has been altered to serve as a restriction on curios, relics, and home-built firearms.

AB 1135 (Levine & Ting) – AB 1135’s original intent was to form the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency but has been amended to serve as a reclassification of certain semi-automatic weapons to assault weapons.

AB 1511 (Santiago) – AB 1511’s original intent was to encourage the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to establish a comprehensive plan to save energy throughout California. The new version of this bill would be to limit the loan of a firearm between two law abiding citizens, for example a hunting trip or home protection.

These actions are another example of the constant battle that we face in defending the right to own a gun for sport or protection on a daily basis. Don't wait until the bills pass to voice your disagreement. If we are to defeat this legislation that threatens our rights as Americans and most importantly, Californians, we will need your help. Please contact your Senator and Assembly member to encourage them to vote no on these horrendous pieces of legislation. 

To find your local representatives, click here. Also, make sure that you are registered to vote so that you can support candidates who believe in your right to keep and bear arms. To register to vote, click here.

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They'll never stop trying to take away our rights to bear arms, they'll use every back door avenue they can find to sneak these bills into becoming laws hoping most citizens will not become aware of the add-ons until it's too late! :2mo5pow:

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Skip gets it correct by using the word "they"..

This whole thing of buying into "lefty this" and/or "righty that" kind of thinking is exactly what "they" want from the American citizenry.. And to show just exactly how smart "we" are, we constantly and continuously give them what they want and expect from us over and over and over.. Divide and conquor is the name of that play.. It's painfully apparent we as a whole still haven't honed the ability to see the Spin Doctorin' for what it really is and ignore it in order to unite, first in a manner for mounting a combined defense and later by being able to run our offense at and over them..

Try to see the larger picture, peeps.. Political affiliation is moot when it comes to maintaining control of money and power.. If two people are both top 1/10th percent of 1 percenters who both have seats on the 'real' Board Of Directors, Person B doesn't give a rat'z azz if Person A wants to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old.. As long as he isn't trying to force that belief down everyone's throat within earshot, ain't no thang.. By the same token, if Person B understands why food stamps are a good thing, since a now starved-to-death individual can no longer pay taxes on his 60-hour two-job work week, Person A, upon explaination, will now also understand how and why food stamps ARE beneficial to their upstairs bottom line, even if he inwardly hates having to sign off his approval for that 'handout'..

Therein lays the major difference between them and us.. They are all different but know how to come together in order to reach an objective.. We are all different too but are still too thick-skulled to set aside the false diversions mainly supplied by them that prevent us from uniting..

Until we can get past this stumbling block we'll always lose more ground than we'll gain..


PS: This is as close to a political statement as I'll ever make on this forum.. Please do not try to engage further, as it'll be ignored.. Religion n politics, ya know..? Concentrates cleanup methods, however...

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Most of California is rural and most counties are red so how is it the libs are to blame?  It is the voice of the people that get people elected. California is strong on the Democratic side in government because the people wanted it that way. You get what you pay for. Federal lands are more open to sidearm carry but state law trumps.




I'm not sure how the current situation got implemented that you can't carry a sidearm without a hunting or fishing license. Stupid law, agreed, but I don't ever remember it coming up for a vote and nobody has filed any petitions to change it. 


Nice post Al. Agreed, politics and religion are two things not discussed between friends, around campfires or on recreational boards.

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Jack, Last time I checked, we can still target shoot in El Dorado national forest, so I dont see a problem there carrying a gun without a hunting license.

If the feds change it to a no target shooting forest,then the game changes.

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