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WTG Fred :)
   Nice nuggets.

That looks like some pretty barren land.

Tom H.


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Mitchel, I never, ever put the trash back!!! I know you are joking but there few things that piss me off more than digging some one's junk they threw back. If it is big junk I leave it on a rock-I would not want the Fed's to lose a valuable relic.

I watched one Burro bite into a cholla then for dessert he had some Ocotillo branches...talk about tough eating!


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Hi Fred WTG :thumbsupanim  looks like your slaying the gold-and just think you only have 8k more dinks to go-Ha ha-:4chsmu1: Ya my gold to trash ratio in a new place is like 2-3 hundred pieces of trash to one nugget if Im lucky sometimes zero nuggets-I like my old patches because most of the trash has been cleared out and so when I get a signal its usually a nugget :head: Mike C...:200:

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Nice looking gold! I live in Yuma and have been drywashing the AZ side of Laguna Dam with marginal success but nothing like those beauties.  I have a Garrett Gold Stinger but not too confident in how to operate it.  Anyone coming out to the Yuma area willing to show me the ropes? Or want another shovelman for your drywasher?  Message me so as not to hijack fred's thread.  Congrats again on the great finds fredmason!

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