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Six Great Finding with a Metal Detector


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1. Stolen nest egg

In 1946, postal inspectors who had long had suspicions about a deceased post office employee's activities borrowed a metal detector from the U.S. Army and had their hunch confirmed. In the mans backyard, 9 feet underground, they discovered $153,150 worth of pilfered cash stashed in jars and cans inside a length of stovepipe.

2. Argh, behold the booty

In 1952, maritime historian and pirate specialist Edward Rowe Snow headed to a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia armed with a metal detector and a mysterious old map. Not only did the detector lead him to a stash of 18th-century Spanish and Portuguese doubloons, but he also found a skeleton that was clutching the coins.

3. The Boot of Cortez

In 1989, a prospector from Senora, Mexico, purchased an inexpensive metal detector at Radio Shack and took it to the desert. After days of finding little more than assorted junk, he hit the jackpot: a gold nugget weighing 389.4 troy ounces, or 26.6 pounds!

 4. Loving cup

Ringlemere CupWhile pursuing his hobbies of amateur archeology and metal detecting, retired electrician Cliff Bradshaw discovered the Ringlemere Gold Cup (right), a Bronze Age vessel found in the English county of Kent in 2001.

 5. Definitely not a beer can

When Mike DeMar was diving off the coast of Key West in 2008, he thought he had come across some trash, but not even close.

 6. The great hoard

On July 2009, metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert decided to try his luck in farmland close to his home in Staffordshire in the English countryside. He came across an artifact, and bingo.


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Very interesting. Shows metal detectors have been finding treasures for a long time. Thanks for posting. 

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