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Gold Show in Placerville, CA


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I'm here now.  Going to the pit today and then on to conference and lectures tomorrow.  After that who knows?

Anyone got a place to hunt?

Mitchel and Lu

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We went to the pit.  I saw one nice 3-4 g nugget dug and hear about a couple of pickers but I didn't chat with that many people about their finds.

Conference today and then ???

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Some areas to detect along the American in the Coloma area. Just north of the bridge is the David Moore area, further north is the Greenwood Creek put in with some hydro workings along the riverside path. 

I took some rock samples to the show and carried them in my samples bucket. Had quite a few people asking about it. $14.99 at Harbor Freight.



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"jore miners" ?? Maybe "more miners"?

Funny, I haven't see one post except mine on the icmj forum thanking Scott and his group for putting on a great show. Have we forgotten how to say thank you?

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My thank you was starting the post. Great turnout on Saturday, the line was over 100 yards from the door. Lots of eye candy and a big thanks to Chris and Big Jim for looking at my samples. I now have a better knowledge of what I am digging.

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