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Ok everyone..What in the world is this rock??

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Hi everyone..any help would be appreciated..

I bought this at an estate sale for $2 because it was so weird and awesome..The reason Im posting on here is this seems one of the best places to ask..

It "feels" like a typical rock,it weighs 1lb 5oz..its about the size/shape of a large potato..

The odd thing is,all of the holes point in different directions..as in if this were a crime scene and you stuck sticks in it to see the path of the "bullet" they ALL seem to come from a different direction..?? Any thoughts? Thank you!!Jeff/ bikesnbuses@yahoo.com







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Rocks with holes in them can be from humans, water action or from sea critters such as a Piddock, which is a bi-valve, i.e. clams, mussels, etc., I think in this case it's from the latter, a bi-valve.



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Looks like agatized, fossil coral to me.  No volcano was harmed in the making of this sample.  :4chsmu1:

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I agree with 4meter, but if you look for photos of agatized fossilized coral online you most likely not find a specimen that looks just like yours, very rarely will you find two specimens of agatized fossilized coral that look just alike or even the same color patterns.


The "bubbly" look of your piece is called Botryoidal, which is one of the way minerals can form,  

adjective: botryoidal
  1. (chiefly of minerals) having a shape reminiscent of a cluster of grapes.
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Im not so sure on that second picture guys.....I would quickly discard it as looking like mine slag waste rock...There are a couple intrusions that even look like man made material or melted something.....I dunno :idunno:

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On 4/16/2016 at 11:13 PM, cf23 said:

Thats interesting , it looks like a agatized geode type thing , cool pattern black with white polkadots! is there any cave systems in the area it was found?

It was found in someones house...:) Sorry..I didnt ask..I just bought it for $1 because it was cool!

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