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Manifold for my venturi dredge

Steel Pan

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Someone wanted to see the manifold I use for my dredge setup. Main line comes in from the lower right, the lower left is a 1" with the upper left a 1.5".

I can run my 2" nozzle off the 1" line or a 3" nozzle off the 1.5". Another benefit is that I can use the 1" to "hydraulic" material from around large rocks and

boulders, remove the large rocks and then use the 3" nozzle to clean up the sands and gravels. :brows: (note the ball valves for diversion control)

(The line coming into screen at top is the 1.5" that is connected to the upper left of manifold. The 3" nozzle is to the right of the manifold between the two rocks.)

(The second pic shows the output from a 1" short nipple right off of my main line.  The "Long Tom" sluice is 24 ft long, 3-8' sections.)

"Tom" is not completely set up yet, still have to set the slope.





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My system is gravity flow from a supply line of about 600' with a drop of 115' giving me around 50 psi.

The setup in my post is from about 3 yrs ago but I still use the same system, I've just changed the sluice.

I'll post up some pics after I get it all set up for this season. Still too much snow right now to get in and work. 

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Roughly 400' @ 3" then necked down to 2" for about 150' and neck down to 1.5" for the last 50 feet or so.

I can use a 1,5" line on the manifold to run my 3" nozzle or the 1" outlet on the manifold to run the 2" nozzle.

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