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Short trip.


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Hello all, made it out for a couple hours on Tuesday. Didn't go detecting this time. My boys were in school so I asked my little girl if she wanted to go play in the water and find a little gold. Of course she was all for it. We took the mini highbanker, the small sluice and some pans and headed out. The boys were a little mad haha. We didn't move alot of dirt but she had a blast and I had a great time hanging out with my baby girl. Plus a little color for her vial.




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Keep her close Bro, they grow up all too soon.  She looks like she's really enjoying being out with daddy.  Nice color for just playing around in the water.

   Old Tom

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Tom you are right. They grow WAY to fast. 


Thanks Fred. She's a character. 

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Nice......I love that pic. Good screensaver :)
Glad your spending time with her....like dad said, I grew up way to fast :idunno:

Tom H.


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WTG, Dad..!
I had no idea you had a younger daughter.. Thought you meant you got out with the one
wot popped the nug last year.. This is a real surprise.. Does your wife know about her..? :4chsmu1:
TomH nailed it for sure with that being a screensaver shot..!


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Haha yes Swamp she knows about her. That's funny. That's my youngest daughter. She's a pistol. I'm sure you guys will be hearing alot more about her in the upcoming years. She's a go getter and just loves to get out. I think she's hooked now.

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