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Epic 1/2 OZ Weekend !! 208 Buckets !!


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Got out with boulder dash for some dry washing...This is the season, you slackers  :oregonian_winesmiley:  We worked an area that was already worked by someone deep into the past . The handstacks in the pictures were already there although we may have added several rocks to the wall :thumbsupanim .  I walked the entire stretch we did and figured it to be about 60 feet long. We ran 208 buckets in 2.3 days  through the drywashers, and the going was tough :Diggin_a_hole:   Anyhow , we wound up with 15.57 grams for our efforts in this new gully. Not bad for a replenished wash ..:yesss:

Enjoy the pics, and remember to check every gully  :inocent: 


Before ....





Heres the loot  :brows:


We left a symbol for the next generation




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Nice looking loot !!

You guys earn every bit of it...    :thumbsupanim


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Thats a unreal amount of work.....and it paid off:thumbsupanim

WTG you guys.

Two legged gophers are at it again :)
Tom H.

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You guys should make the video library of 'how the old timers did it!'  Then you could offer a 'boot camp' (at the dude ranches) for all of the wimpy city folks who want some real cross-training.

Charge them $200 ($500 would be better) each per day so they think they are getting some 'value' for their money and 'reward' them with a couple of flakes.

Oh ... back to your pictures ... nice gold.


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Can I come and watch, you know how I love to watch you two dig in that dirt?  Reminds me of my younger days, not that I ever got that much color.  Keep it up you'll be rich in no time. 

   Old Tom

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Hey thanks everyone....Its always tough to stay motivated when running this many buckets. There are good runs and some not so good, but you just have to push yourself to run more, if your on the color.  Some people just give up to easily .....Go out there and find it!  

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10 hours ago, Swampstomper Al said:

YT vid coming or ICMJ article associated with this trip, adam..?


Sorry,  the dang batteries were both near dead for the camera , I was lucky to get a couple pictures.  I just wont have much time for articles the next few months, but I will try to get one written if I can.

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