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Dual sport digging!


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anyone else here use their bike to go digging? I always load my DRZ400S up and go digging. My TDI and AT Gold broke down nicely in a military backpack but I purchased a waterproof pack that's taller because the GPX4500 a little to long (only separates into 2 pieces.) Strap my shovel to the pack on the back rack and gone. Sure is easy on gas!

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Nothing like putting something exciting between your legs for yet another adventure. I just had to sell my last bike as back says not only no but LL NO :idunno: stay young...old sucks..John

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On 4/5/2016 at 5:33 PM, VaJohn77 said:

anyone else here use their bike to go digging? 

Oh yeah, my preferred mode of prospecting transportation. I use my CR250 motocross bike an internal frame hiking pack and a GB2. Strap my pick to the pack and an extra 64oz water jug strapped to my front number plate on the fender. Not only can you go more places but faster too. 

You can also get a 3 piece shaft for that 4500 to fit a pack easier. When I had a 2200v2 I strapped the shafts the sides of my bike.

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13 hours ago, adam said:

I dont know, sounds pretty sneaky you guys....You may have an edge with the bikes :200:


BD & you do get pretty far off beaten paths during some of your drywashing excursions.. Given the (amount of) equipment brought along in order to do a proper job of things, how about sharing with us the mules y'all use when the FWDs can't go any further..?

I'm guessing at least a quad with mucho rack space, and perhaps also a home-built cart or small converted to wear fatty tires side-rail trailer..?


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