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Gpz wireless module

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What technology does the gpz use for its wireless audio?  I've yet to find a wireless setup that works well with the gpx 5000.  It seems that many people have tried different bluetooth setups and fm transmiters with some success, but I've read a lot of complaints about lag in the audio.  I would really like to switch to a box mounted battery setup like docs gold screamer but I prefer having the headphones attached to my back than the detector.  It would really be nice to cut the cords once and for all and it seems that minelab has the tech but aren't sharing it with their other models....

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I can imagine fred!  Does it require turning on the module and the detector in a specific sequence?  I was looking at the eq spirit battery from Australia and they don't say their tech either but the fact yoy have to turn the reciever and transmitter on in a specific sequence leads me to think it's just bluetooth.

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You have to pair up the detector with the wm, which has several frequency choices...once set up they both communicate automatically. They do turn on separately. You should turn off the wm when you turn off the detector..but it will go off automatically.

The little-ripper was once available but apparently is no longer made by Ishmeal of Oz. You might contact him for some helpful info...


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