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Fireball tonight

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Saw a fireball at 7:36 tonight.  Had just got off work at the hospital.  Walked out the back door walking and looking due east.

An airliner was in the sky departing Phoenix, and climbing as it moved southwest to northeast.  I was shocked to see what I 

initially thought was another aircraft, going WAY too fast, going north to south, looking like it was going to collide with the

much slower airliner.  I realized it was a fireball (no impact) and that it was behind (further east than) the airliner.  Not long after

it whizzed past, it went to dark flight.  It was about 65 to 70 degrees above horizon,  going in an almost flat trajectory,

catching my eye at about azimuth 45 degrees, and going to dark flight at about azimuth 130 degrees.  I think it was about 3 seconds.

I was amazed also because the fireball was that bright, in spite of the heavy light pollution of the night sky here.  There was no sonics,

so  It must have been much further east, or at least much higher.  Don't have GPS cords, but Arrowhead Hospital is at 67th Avenue

and Union Hills.




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I was in Quartzsite on the Tom Wells Road side at that time and I was looking east and saw a meteor that lasted about the same length of time but I wouldn't call it a fireball.  It was a rather high streak.  Others at the WSPA outing did not see it and it was not bright.

It could be a different 'event' as this one headed east/down from north of Venus which was about the same brightness.


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Report it to amsmeteors so that others can get a triangulation on it.


I like to pick them up after they fall, but I need to know where they landed.

Bill Peters


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