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I attended this weeks meeting at the Ridgecrest BlM office with a presentation by MMAC (Mining and Minerals Advisory Council) representatives.  It was a very informative meeting.  I believe the DAC (Desert Advisory Council or Committee) was the group hosting the meeting.  It was very detailed with references to the history of the laws affecting the mining community and other groups of public land users.  I found the volume of information to be somewhat overwhelming with dates and details of various laws.  Nonetheless the take away for me is the importance of mining districts which has been validated by Congress dating back to the 1800s.  The mining districts have considerable authority to regulate mining related activities on federal lands.  The MMAC people traveled to Washington DC this month and had meetings with several congressmen and senators, staff etc....  They were successful in getting the attention of the lawmakers and made good inroads furthering the efforts of public land users attempts to Reopen closed areas.  

It was a good meeting and I have attempted to attach a letter I wrote previously to this post with some excerpts from the draft bill MMAC has authored.....  I encourage everyone in the prospecting community to research the MMAC, PLP and support same if they can.....  I think they are doing important work. 

Happy Hunting,


Unable to attach the letter and excerpts, please visit mmacusa.org for further information and to view a draft of the bill.....


This excerpt is from a draft.textClipping

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Thanks Steve,

It was a very eye opening meeting, I am going to try to learn more and I hope other people will check out the MMAC web site and support their efforts.  Somebody is spending money to send these guys to DC and lobby on the behalf of "disenfranchised" public land users....  I hope you are doing well.


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