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Commercial nuggetshooting Nevada Arizona?


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Hi  me and My wife is Soon going to wisit Nevada And Arizona. For a vacation.

Does anyone know if there is some place where you can try out nuggetshooting for a fee?  Like a pay to mine operation but with detector insted?

Or is there anyone who could be intressed in helping us out  for a day ( for a price ofcourse)

We live in Sweden and overe here there is no possibilty to try somehting like that.

Grateful for ideas.

Conny and Maggie



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Problem in the USA is that technically it is not legal to charge a fee to hunt ones claims or Public land. So to get around this law there are various clubs one can join. The mining laws clearly state this if you read them... Just the way it is sadly.

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Rob Allison and Chris Ghoulson still advertise detector training on their websites, try them:



I think they charge about $300 for the day or weekend.

You can also join the GPAA and hunt on any of their claims but you will need to bring your own equipment.

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1 hour ago, Conny said:

Well thanks for your tips.

Probably going to sign up for a day with the Arizona outback team.

Do you folks think there is any chance at all to actually find something in such a day?


Yes.. There are numerous instances of first-timers making a find with both those mentioned.. No guarantees of course, but you will be on gold bearing ground.. GL..


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Give Bunk a call...

Heck of a nice guy, and I know someone who found their first nugget on a day out with him. 

He's got some ground in the Rich Hill area....

Good Luck


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I concur with the previous comments.  Bunk is a really nice guy who loves to help people learn detecting.

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