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Efforts to Allow Metal Detecting on AZ State Land Trust Land

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I was surfing one of the Phoenix based prospecting clubs news letters and found that there is currently underway an effort to permit metal detecting on AZ State Land Trust Land.

Since I couldn't reach the gentleman to gain his permission to put his comments in their entirety, I've edited them so as to be able to provide the gist of what he was asking his club members to do:

"I've been chatting with an Arizona State senator, Barbara McGuire (long time friend), and she is trying to help us metal detectorists with the issue of not being allowed to detect on state trust land. She asked me to have as many members as possible to email her with support comments. I for one would like to be able to metal detect on state trust land and would be glad to pay for the permit, but right now I will not support state trust land because of the current law that does not allow it. How many of you will support this? Senator Barbara McGuire's email is bmcguire@azleg.gov. She will pass this info on to the state land department. Please pass this along to all your friends, and let’s flood her email so she can pass it along. Thanks.

Sounds like it would be worth a try.

I've drafted a short note that anyone may use to copy and paste into an email to Senator McGuire:


Dear Senator McGuire,

I would like your support in allowing metal detectorist access to all AZ State Land Trust Lands for some of the following reasons:

1. One of the benefits to the state would be the discovery and removal of trash and garbage which may have been part of the reason for the closure of these areas in the first place.

2. It is our standard practice to refill any of our small excavations which are typically only inches deep in many cases.

3. Our practices are minimally invasive and provide a safe and quiet means of enjoying our beautiful lands.

4. The only thing we leave behind are our foot prints.

Please advise if there is anything we. as tax paying citizens with an interest in the hobby of metal detecting. can do to assist with your efforts on our behalf.



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Just yet another set of excuses. It would be the snowy plover or the Arizona dingbat or some such insanity...blah blah blah state bs anything to take your rights.....is WRONG. Promulgating ANY WRONG DOING IS INSANITY AS ANYONE CAN DO THE SAME WITH OR WITHOUT A DETECTOR SO JUST INSTANTLY ASSUME THE WORST OUT OF miners only WAS THE PLAN SIC SIC SIC :2mo5pow:---John

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Yup - I've seen the direct impact from when many thousands of Californians sold their homes and migrated north to Portland and Seattle. The freeways went from being a decent commute even during "rush hours" to jammed. Logging operations suddenly had to deal with idiots spiking trees or climbing them in protest to protect the spotted owl. I could go on a rant here, having lived in the Northwest from 1976 - 2003. :old:

While I can see the logic in wanting to preserve certain sites with historical value and artifacts, I also feel that restrictions on metal detecting should only be enforced in those areas which have already been designated as historical sites, not extended throughout the entire area of State Trust Lands. That's just my 2 cents worth.

NOTE: No offense intended or directed towards our CA resident forum members who have had to deal with the same or similar restrictions - we are ALL in this fight together, to retain and regain our rights to prospect and mine.


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