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Steve Phillips Alaska 2015 gold journal

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I am now able to put our Nome 2015 trip on our webpage . The articles were published in American Digger magazine and I waited to put on our webpage until the magazines had been published. Spence, Jimmie and I will be going up in May and will come home about the first of October . We have space for a few good men. 205-672 9310 Steve Phillips

Check out here




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Thanks for the link, Steve.. This gives a much better and more rounded view of the day-to-day beyond what you shared with us at the end of last season during your 'Guess the weight..' posts..

A couple suggestions for your web site: Unless there's a very specific reason for page background = black, I'd return it to white.. Black is very hard to read against under the best of circumstances (meaning white lettering); it only continues getting more difficult using any other color.. For example, it's nearly impossible to read the dark blue links at the bottom of the page, and they're much larger and in an easier to read font.. The blue link at the top for ordering a copy of "Emily's Book" is unreadable to me.. The dark blue links definitely need to be changed to a lighter color..

The other suggestion would be: Regardless of background color, but especially if it remains black, please change the font to something easier to read.. Arial comes to mind.. Doing so will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone..



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Garamond is the new Times Roman and poplular online. I changed mine web to this font as it is also black background and agree with Swamp, you need to change the blue hyperlinks to something of less contrast.

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