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Wish They Still Posted Here.

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I wish melanievoita  still posted to this forum.  She always had some interesting finds to show and ask, "What is it?"  There were a few sites she came across, here in AZ that were very interesting geologically.

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She visited the forum back in November, so maybe she'll visit again and see your post and start posting again.

Some people get involved with the forum and then life gets in the way of participating on the forum and they take a hiatus but return later and get involved again.

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Ya there use to be some real informative people that once came to this forum:old: -like AZ Bob-Reg just to name a couple that were chased off by the Linch Mob :2mo5pow:- hopefully theyll come back one day and share their knoledge once again:idunno: Mike C...:200:

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