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Sometimes you have to dig lead to find opal!

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I think you are right about the moonstone.  That is why it has that moon face carved on it.

Someone had suggested it was opal.


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I have looked and this is not a perfect stone.  It does have inclusions and a rainbow effect with a line of pink down the center and it moves in the light to white and blues.

No matter what it is it doesn't seem to be very valuable.  (The lead may be worth more!)  Just another unique find in all the trash.

Here is what I read:

Moonstone is natural, so it has inclusions or noticeable imperfections due to its natural make-up. These might be crystal inclusions, black spots or rough edges. 
There are various colours and forms of moonstone. Two of the most common are regular moonstone and rainbow moonstone. 
Moonstone has a beautiful shimmer of light in all its forms and almost has a fibre -optic effect. It can sometimes look like catseye. 
Moonstone is also a relatively soft gemstone, ranking at only 6 on the Mohs scale. It needs to be treated delicately and carefully. 

Moonstone should look translucent milky white and should have a constantly moving iridescence. Rainbow moonstone has all these properties plus a beautiful blue "flash" that changes colour in the light from purple to pinks back to blues.

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Moonstone is just one of many feldspars that are very interesting. Sunstones are also feldspars that come in various forms. Once of my favorite so far is the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from Australia. I managed to get a nice parcel of them but they sure do not come cheap.


RLS-spec-26-20.11ct 23.0x21.0x5.0mm.JPG

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