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Could this be Minelab's next retail offering or why did they decide to drop the price of the GPZ 7000?


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This isn't headline news by any means as it has been on the Minelab corporate site for a few months now it seems:

News for 2016

15 Jan 2016 Minelab Wins Contract To Develop Metal Detection Technology US Army Next Generation Handheld Multisensor Detector

In 1999, Minelab was selected to develop the metal detector sensor for the US Army’s revolutionary Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System (HSTAMIDS) which combined metal detection and ground penetration radar.

Following extensive trials, HSTAMIDS entered into service with the US Army under a Full Rate Production contract that resulted in more than 15,000 systems being manufactured.

With improvements in technologies and the increasing complexities of explosive threats, the US Army has commenced investigation into the Next Generation Handheld Multisensor Detector. In collaboration with US based NIITEK, Minelab will develop multi-frequency metal detection technology to complement ground penetrating radar provided by NIITEK.

Minelab has been awarded a US$1.35m development contract to submit an advanced prototype within three years. If successful, Minelab and NIITEK will have the opportunity to continue development and ultimately secure the contract to replace the existing US Army’s HSTAMIDS fleet.

The way I read this, Minelab developed the combination metal detector/ground penetrating radar unit starting in 1999 and have since manufactured 15,000 units.

Now, with advancements in technology, they are going to partner with ground penetrating radar company NITEK. If you go to the NITEK site you will see a hand held GPR/metal detecting unit. ( http://www.niitek.com/products/handheld-dual-sensor-gpr)

So, with that all having been said, could this be the next iteration of Minelab equipment that may be coming to the retail market?

And if so, does anyone want to take a guess at the price?

Of course it could always be said that they had to drop $2000 off the price of their latest and greatest to gain more sales, and to be certain no doubt this was part of the reason for the price drop.

But, could it also be that $10,000 might be the price ceiling they may be making vacant for the next new and improved unit?

Time will tell I suppose.

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