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Possible Counterfeit GPX 5000 on Ebay ???


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I saw this GPX 5000 on Ebay (391399330211) and queried Minelab USA via email regarding the serial number on the unit.

In the end the person at Minelab replied "I can't say 100% that it is a counterfeit, however none of the serial numbers listed on the main unit, and coils comes up in any of our databases,"

I've emailed the seller, who happens to have a pretty decent feed back record, and advised them to take it to a Minelab dealer for verification.

This all started when I requested a "Handi Reader" from Minelab to verify that the hologram was genuine or not. They told me that they only send them to dealers, which I think is odd.

As always, buyer beware.

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That may well be.

Minelab's instructions say just request one without any distinction of being a dealer or a customer.

When you go to the Minelab site about using their "Handi Viewer" it tells you exactly what you are supposed to see when you use it.

My guess is that Minelab uses that as an excuse to get you in front of a Minelab dealer.

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last year phoney machines from fisher ,minelab, garrett, showed up here on craigslist/swaps and found one at a garage sale. Poor guy didn't know it was fake....how do I know that? Because he took it and smashed it against a steel support pole on his carport...sweet-a honest man. Once held in your hands ez to id a cheap knockoff junk-John

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