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208 Buckets. Big numbers pay off......


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Got out with some guy named boulder dash to run some material through his 151. The goal was to get 200 buckets ran , and we exceeded that number with time to spare :yesss: This little gully sure seems to have a good showing of fine gold :brows: Teamwork and consistency sure pays off when dry washing. Especially when yours truly forgets his shovel :nutty:

We had a total of 13.36 grams for what amounted to two days.

11.6 grams in the pan


Just under two grams of specked & beeped stuff


Here`s a small section we worked


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Looks like a good reward for the effort...

You guys are rock stars !! :thumbsupanim

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Holy cow!!! Thats alot of gold guys. Just awesomeness!

Is this the fine gold wash you last wrote about in ICMJ?

Thanks for sharing, the great pics are appreciated.

I wont be getting out until the outing, life....

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Nice coloration from the wash..! Looks really high in gold-to-impurities ratio..

Closest in color (& size) I've seen from there to what's typical of tri-state NC/SC/GA..

Once again you two continue showing us all it's still out there..! :yesss:


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Dang two legged gophers were at it again!
Nice gold you two. :)
Tom H.

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