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Possibly another Indian artifact?

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Don't think it's Indian, at least not pre-historic.

I'm no expert on Indian artifacts, I'm only reading my first book and I'm only through the part on the South West, but that looks machine made and not hand made. It is perfectly symmetrical, and the whole is perfect. The Indians used stones bone for drills and powered these by their hands. It also looks clean and free of wear and tear, something I would expect for sitting in a refuse pile for hundreds of years. I would expect to see chipping and staining of some sort. Also, from the picture I'm assuming stone and not clay, but same thing. If it were clay, I would expect to see some imperfections.

I'm not ruling out that it could have been made 50 years ago on a reservation, I just don't think it's before new world influence.

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Guest Bedrock_Bob

I have never seen a striking tool hafted like that nor made form that type of material. If you hit anything with it it would break. I think it is someone's interpretation of what they imagine an artifact to be. You can still see the grinding marks in the surface and they are arced like it was ground on a wheel.It is sedimentary or cementatious rather than basalt. I would bet that it was made by a man with creamy white skin and a yellow beard that receives a government paycheck.

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