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What kind of pipe is this?

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Same as my other answer about the other post. I don't think it's pre-historic Indian. Looks machine made and not hand made. I'm only on my first book, but the pipes in the pictures in my book do not have corners. The stone pictured above appears cut with a saw, and Indians did not have those tools. If it's clay, the clay pipes in the book are all rounded, and not squared.

The pipes pictured in the book I have are rounded stone with signs of knapping, made of clay, wood, or reeds.

I'm guessing you're finding the three artifacts in the same area, so they could be from a modern settlement or camp where the Indians, if that's what they were and not early settlers. The area, even if just the state it comes from is known, could help identify it.

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'Left-handed smoke shifter' (pipe).

On a larger scale ,it would be something newby boyscouts would be looking for on an initiation hunt/quest.... along the same lines as a 'board stretcher', 'metric crescent wrench', hammer grease, striped paint...

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Guest Bedrock_Bob

That is a reproduction of a ceremonial pipe. You can buy them for a few bucks from any trading company that deals in Native American curios. Every roadside tourist trap in Arizona has a box full of those on the shelf. For a couple bucks more you can get one adorned with colored feathers and a wooden pipe stem.

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