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Irons and Lots of Character

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It had been a while since I hunted Franconia but it was time. Willie and I set a time and that was Sunday. I left Santa Monica in the middle of the night, got there early and was taking a nap when Willie woke me at dawn. We hiked up the road a bit and started hunting. I have to admit it was a bit slow for me and Willie had several irons and I had nothing. I headed over to a path closer where he was.

I got a little iron signal and started to dig it so I moved the coil off to the side and WHAM! I looked down and right on the surface was this chondrite with character. It has some nice fusion crust, some angles and it weighs 58.5 grams. It was my first and best meteorite of the day. It was a sunbaker which is one of the few meteorites I have that was laying on the surface.


Willie did a good job and got some irons of character before he had to head back to his car with his dog. It was getting hot.


I went out a bit more later in the afternoon and added a couple of irons before it was time for me to go.

I decided to drive back to Barstow and hunt for some gold and by 10 AM on Monday morning I had those two little pieces which total to .5g.

It was a good hunt.

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I knew you would be looking at these pictures and frankly the one I took earlier is so flat ... it is awful. I've been trying to get some depth of field and get the lighting right again. (Before I got married I had a 'set' for my finds and it was lit the way I could take better pictures.)

This meteorite is hard to capture in a photo but here goes.





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What Mike said -- plus a 2-for-1 too.. :yesss:

Q: Since no drivetime traffic, can you make Needles in 4 hours..?


This drive was closer to 5 hours going to Franconia and of all things they had the 60 down to 1 lane at 12 AM! You can't do anything around here any more without asking Google what the best way to go for time is and not just go the shortest distance. They keep working on the 15 and there had been some freeway racers who ran a UPS truck off the road and killed three ...

If I went at a time which is peak for Vegas it could take much longer.

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'k, thanks.. Was just curious is all.. Been a REALLY long time since I've been in L.A. and used to be you could roll good once N of 15 / 215 junction except through Barstow.. Times change..

Yeah, that UPS thing made headlines here too, most likely not because death but rather how it went down..


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LoL, Frank, the Iorn's with Marvin were my finds, Mitch added them in his post with my blessings.

Mitch congrats again on the 58.5 g chondrite that was a great find and it was a awesome day to hunt that area !

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