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No Cat Claw Acacia at Lynx Creek


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Boy am I glad Mongo took a walk, maybe he went back to the planet Mongo. Gotta be pretty old to know just where that is.

Old Tom

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I know what you're trying to do, adam, and I appreciate it -- but I honestly don't think the guys out your way

really care one way or another just exactly how excited we eastern gold belts prospectors get when

finally managing to luck into a pan as loaded as that one is.. :th::rolleyes:


EDIT: That's cos in eastern lingo you have a nug & 3 pickers there.. Welll, almost.. :)

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Looks like fun :D It's always a good feeling to see some color in the pan...

I was in the neighborhood... Just a few miles to the southwest.

That water is COLD. Didn't do any prospecting though... :cry2:

We did however do the 50+ mile loop down 82 to Wagoner and then back around through Minnehaha. It was a long day...

My buddy's been dying to ride his ATV and has no one else to roll with him. So I took him to a road I wanted to explore and followed him for the day.

His odometer said 70 miles when we got back to his truck. Although we did have a ten mile or so "oopsie" and had to back track to get back on track... :Just_Cuz_06:

Nice gold Adam :4chsmu1:


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Sometimes doing something different besides detecting is fun! :
I am going to start sampling more with the vac and run it through the trommel at home.

Just to see if the areas im looking at have gold or not.


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