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Well after dang near 6 months of not being able to swing the detectors, the boys,my friend Larry and I finally got out. All of the south facing slopes are free of snow so we headed up. The north facing slopes still have 2 to 3 feet along with the washes but our spots are clear. We tried a new spot up from where we were hunting last year. The boys found some good relics and rusty stuff. Larry found a bunch of old Levi buttons and some other neat stuff. I actually found the trophies this trip. I found my first V nickel which was a 1904. And I also found the most beautiful nugget I have yet to find there. It has a bit of host rock and it weighs in at a little over half an ounce. My little guy got to help me dig that one. Pretty fun day. Hope all of you are having a good weekend.








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Man that's what it's all about. The guys all together and the little guy getting to dig that fat one with his Pops. They are going to remember this day forever. Keep it up and get some more.

Old Tom

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Thanks everyone. It was a great time. And great to get out. Here it is after soaking in CLR all night. A little blurry.



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Man, Thats a heck of a day out in the hills! :)
WTG on the scores. :yesss:
Tom H.

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Righteous gold Dan !!

Sharing those times with your kids it what it's all about...

WTG :thumbsupanim

Nice nickel too.


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The boys are itchin to go again this weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out for us.

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Wow, Dan. Beautiful find!! Good luck this weekend!

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