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Back from Gold Basin


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Got back from Gold Basin.

No Gold This time , my counter weight in my dry washer quit working...would not spin.

Got to hunt some with the X-Terra 705...again no gold but I did find a small nail and a BB...was fun trying to zero in on that BB.

Hope to get out again soon.

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I guess an easy grader might give some sort of partial credit for that statement & answer..

If yer flyin' around in yer aeroplane and the rudder falls off in pieces it didn't exactly 'quit working',

except in the loosest association with the word discombobulate.. The end result is the same.. Thing

is, just prior to slamming into the ground are ya cussin' out the stupid aeroplane or are ya

cussin' out yerselv for not having done a more observant walk-around prior to take-off..?

Good thing this wasn't that aeroplane -- ya get a do-over..


PS: " I " know it's a ton easier & word-saving saying 'quit working'.. You 'should' know doing so

doesn't make it any less likely you're gonna get pounced upon.. Just take a look around, lol.. :4chsmu1:

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Got it fixed, after I took it apart the nuts that hold it in place came loose....


The Wigglin pin came off the wobbling shaft and it quit going around , but now it is much more better.

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