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How far out of Vegas must one look for color ?

H-2 Charlie

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Gold Basin.

I had a few business trips to AZ, and the place I found was about 2.5 hours away. North of Dolan Springs is Gold Basin. Lots of private land and club claims. At the time I was in the GPAA and used the Bade Claims. Access was not terrible, but remote. I had a 4 WD pick up and think I needed that or a bike. Never entered 4WD, but still remote enough off non-maintained roads. Known more for meteorites than gold. Personally, found neither, but still had a great time.

May be other places West of NV, but I was driving up from Phoenix so only looked East of Vegas.

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I live in Vegas, you will have to travel a little to get to placer areas. Like Chrisski says Gold Basin, Arizona is one place. The Johnnie district just above Pahrump is another. Those are about the closest places with a great chance to find color. There are other little known area's , but just like Las Vegas, your odds are greater at the 2 places mentioned above. Good Luck..


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DD is Rosie's Den still up and running? Best dang ham and egg breakfast in the world. Rosie was still alive

then, she's probably gone now. Then less than half a mile So. was the White Hills Road. Looks like it's paved

now. Couldn't believe that four lane highway.

My first nugget was in White Hills. Had just bought a brand new Minelab XT 17000 and followed two other people

into White Hill. I stopped to find my first nugget in about 1 1/2 hour and the other two folks left. After I found the

nugget I was completely lost. I stayed on what I thought was the main road or "trail". After several hours I spotted

a semi-trailer on a highway way East of me. In going there I had to drive through a herd of cattle, the trail was now

just a path but the 4x4 Chevy made it to the highway. Didn't know which way to turn so I just went to the right. A

few miles down that highway I was in a small town called Dolan Springs!

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Good basin has much more area to look, and I think someone with a basic knowledge of prospecting could do well there. Johnnie is a bit closer, but I think you have to spend more time there to figure it out. I have spent more time in Johnnie and done fairly well out there, even found a couple of 10+gram nuggets.

Best of luck

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