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Fixed my Dry Washer


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Well just got done fixin' my dry washer....new blower...got the fan unstuck and new hose.

Getting it ready for Gold Basin this weekend. Even gonna check my tailings with the 705.

Should be fun.

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Dry washer.. That's what I end up with when I'm down to my last pair of tighty-whities, go to toss in a load but

end up gettin' biched out instead by the ol' lady when she tells me that's her job n for me to skedaddle cos she's

got it, then two weeks later when I go lookin' for a clean pair that's exactly where I find all of 'em solidified into

a capital " O " around the agitator..


PS: Sorry if some of you may find this frivolous, but it really IS humid here, so ya gotta change more often..

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GL and have fun!
Hope to hear a good story on Sunday :)
Tom H.

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Swamp ... You could go comando if it is too humid! :4chsmu1::old:

Mike: Something I discovered quite by accident and to a near-disasterous ending is if one is riding a motorcycle

one should NOT wear silk-type boxer shorts..! Just because your jeans will stay on the seat where

you plant 'em doesn't mean what's inside will do the same.. :old:


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