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The article makes it sound like this outfit just deceided to restart mining a week-n-a-half ago, but that's far from the case.. Actually, getting to this point did happen rather quickly, like 4 to 5 years I'd guess, but even as recently as two years ago they still hadn't received the environmental go ahead.. The Au they're going after is deep for the east, and well below the aquifier too.. Some test bore to 2K feet; most 800 feet or less.. They did present one heckuva good operational & reclaimation plan, which I'm sure greatly helped their getting permitted.. The permitting was far from a gimme -- quite a lot of concern and controversy re oops..
One of the guys on an eastern board I frequent that Skip mods as well was in on the sub-contracting for building the company's lab there, which I believe cost around $5M.. This was three or so years ago on the more recent side.. Romarco wasn't cheaping on spending the $$s even before knowing if they would be given approval..
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No, I make good money as a custom cabinet maker about 200 miles south, so no need to go there to make a living.

They have been trying to reopen the Haile Mine for numerous years now (around 7 years), much of that time was spent going through the permit and approval process, which it seems they have succeeded and got all the permits and EPA approval about a year ago, but not long after that Romarco's interest in the mine was bought out by the new owners, Oceana Gold, it going to be interesting to watch what happens!

Here's a link to the Haile Gold Mine website.


The latest news/press release from the company.


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