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My first patch

boulder dash

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With a minelab metal detector. Recently I was heading to an area I had found a few oz from. On the way there I noticed a small drainage that had about a hundred yards of flatened out settling drainage . There was very little exposed bedrock so I proceeded to hit it with the minelab. About 75 feet I hit a very mellow quiet repeatable signal directly under 2 flat rocks, looked like someone stacked them. Down about 5 inches I found my first piece .76grams. Slowing way down now I hit my largest piece at 1.37 grams 20 foot upstream from my first nugget down about 7 inches, also not a loud signal. Hit the entire drainage and couldn't find any more gold. I will call this the kool aid patch.. O yea!!!


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Thats some big stuff. Im jealous.
Glad the ML is working out for you now.

Tom H.

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