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Link to only interview given Re: $4.5M gold coin find Summer 2015..

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Don't believe I ever posted this one, or if I did I buried it as a reply somewhere..

This is the only interview granted about the $4.5M FL gold coin find last summer..

The four seconds worth of aerial GoPro vid shows where I'd been digging deep on shore

when my statin situation began firing off, sidelining me..

It's things like this which get me as close to western-states nugget shooting as can

be gotten in this part of the country, keeping the dream alive..

Skip: If the link doesn't contract to forum standards please fix, thanks..


EDIT: YAY..! Looks like link contracted properly this time.. :D

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That sounds like the movie plot from "Fool's GOld" with Matt McConaughey and Kate Hudson


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