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Help is this Turquoise?

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Hello all,

Im a newbie here and to the entire rockhounding experience. That said, i believe i have the hound fever. I aquired the stone pictured at an estate sale along with cut slabs wrapped in 1976 newspaper. That was my only clue about what the stone is and where it came from. Im hoping some of you older members can verify my guess, which is: Turquoise pulled from the Lavender Pit in 1974 or 1975. My reasoning is the date of newspaper wrapping coincides with the pits closure. The matrix is a red clay and the two small chips pictured (notice the lavender hue on them) came off one of the slabs. Has anyone worked with this stuff? My cuticles are stained red from polishing pieces!!!



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To me the green looks like some type of copper ore. The green aquamarine color to me looks exactly like some of the pieces of copper ore I've found around Wickenburg, to include the reddish type material I found those specimens in. The local specimens of copper ore I have found do not contain the white quartz type material though.

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Thanks for clearing that up Haderly. I'm still learning and very confused. The

Red you call cuprite is the bulk of the stone. And it is clayish not crystals. I looked at lots of pictures of "Sonora Sunrise" which is supposed to be alot of cuprite. I'm not doubting your judgement , just trying to figure it out. Can the form and color vary for each mineral? I do think there is at least some chrysocolla in there. How do you differentiate it from turquoise, which I know can be many colors.

Thanks for your input.

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OK, so the results of the tounge sticking test are as follows (tests done after approx. 24_30oz of Coors Light):

Small roundish stone- mild stick about the same as note paper.

Small flat stone- same as above, maybe less.

Large stone- WHOA!!! What the heck is that all about. Kind of startled me. Very strong stick. Had to follow up with more Coors Light.

So, what do you make of the results?? The curiosity is too much to bear.

And thanks, if nothing else it was an interesting test.

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Don't ever try the tongue test on suspected malachite. You might not get to report your results.

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Further update: After consulting with a local geologist, it has been determined that samples were not Mongolian plutonium, but Arizona turquoise. Specifically from the Bisbee region. Thanks for all your help....

Wow , the geologist was even able to determine the type and locality ...amazing.....Did he also confirm, that was "red clay" in the matrix? I collected in Bisbee with a tour once.. It sucked and I didnt find any turquoise

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