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Franconia still has some !

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Every two years flight instructors have to re-certify thier instructor's certificate to teach. There are several ways to accomplish this, but I elected to go to Vegas for a two day re-cert. class. Along the way I stopped at the Franconia strewn field for a couple of days of meteorite hunting. I found two nice chondrites at the north end of the field, 19 and 40 grams and one small iron.

The next day I thought I would look for some irons in what, by some is called, "iron alley". Hunted 6 hours and found 5 small irons. Nothing to brag about, but hey, they are ALL from outer space! It was fun to get back in the field again after a 2 year hiatus.


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Good to see your post.

You are right, even the irons have been hit hard but they are still there!

It is a big field. Some areas have been gridded so you have to move to another area if you can't find any.


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Well, I have to admit, I did not find them in the quantities I used to. I did, however, go the first day to a spot I had not hunted before. On my GPS there was a hole in the area that I had not

searched. Even so, it was on the far edges of the known strewn field. I have taken more than my share of stones out of that field and will probably not hunt it again. Certainly, not any time soon.


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Hey Troy,

The very first meteorites that I found, came out of a section of that field where I had been assured (by the folks who had opened the field up) that it was completely hunted out. The first meteorite that my son found was one of the "southern L's" that was way outside the known L field that any existing hunters were aware of, and he found it by eye.

Twelve plus years and many meteorites later, my experience is that no Strewnfield is hunted out.

Nice finds Troy, Ben

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Thank you Ben. As you say, I am sure it is not completely hunted out, but as you know, stones are much harder to find now than only a few years ago. Also, I am using the gold bug 2 with a 14" coil and the deapest I have ever found is about 6 inches. The newer, more powerful detectors would certainly find more in the 7" and deeper areas. Especially the washes, where I never hunt because of the black sand. They are there, but I am not able to hunt them.

Thanks Troy

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