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5 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

Al I graded it a VF-20 because... < snip >

I have no problem with it being a VF-20 or even slightly better, especially now that we've seen the reverse..

The things that boosted it for you (headband & LIBERTY) are what held it back for me earlier.. At the same time, virtually no nicks counter-balances.. I'm definitely still Old Skool when it comes to certain determining factors.. Has to do with pre everything in sight being graded, certified & slabbed.. At that time I'd rather a person see it as getting good value more than feeling ripped from shelling out for something over-graded ..

Like the article said though, times have changed.. This coin's a good example of why it would have been nice had separate-side grading caught on; there's a full grade difference between obverse - reverse.. Today, in some instances, grading determination comes down to comprimise.. Shouldn't have to be that way, but it is..


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