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Super Bowl Sunday Mega Post With Pics


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Boulder dash and I got out to explore some new ground and even found some nuggets :head::black_knight_standing: This was the coldest weather I have ever camped in ....First night was 13 degrees :nutty:



Under water detecting is the pits , but we had no choice ...Heres some shots of underwater nuggets



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A sunbaker , and another underwater nugget......



We hiked several miles ( not exaggerated ) , up one massive drainage and even managed a couple from there..


The goods ( BD`s on left , mine on right ) :brows::head: Hope you enjoyed the tour ! Its out there ....... :inocent:


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Holy Crap! :)

Man, that is some nice gold you guys got :yesss:

I feel your pain on the hiking :)
Looks like you were in the Lower agua fria again :)

Great pics dood.
Tom H.

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WTG Guys :head: To cold for me-Butttttt when I had gold fever and I was younger nothing stopped me-hell I was panning at Lynx in the winter had to break through the ice and then the water in my pan would turn to slush-those days are done for me :nutty: Mike C... :200:

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Look like a little better than 2 gm. maybe 3??? nice!!!

Theres about 12 grams all together... I forgot the total so maybe Boulder dash will chime in

Great post Adam. What detectors were you using for the water?

Gold Bug 2 and the PI coils were both NFA 11 x 17 `s

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