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Just sitting around tonight smelling like a skunk


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Welp.....got out today with Dad.

Went back into a area we have gotten gold out of in the past.

Needed to see something yellow!
Dad hit some tribs close to the truck and I hiked back in.

Hit the wash and tribs I had my eye on but nutten.

After 3 hrs we met back at the truck and I took off again.

Another strike out!

Grand total for today was two shell casings, two boot tacks, a staple, and one white flat bullet.

2.5 miles covered.....I know it doesnt sound like much hiking but it was brutal! Really steep hills in this area and lots of angry cats claw.

I got to one spot I wanted to detect and looked down and it was like OMG...down there? Looked a lot better on google :)
Well thats 4 skunks under our belt.

Maybe next time, or the time after that or after that, its just the next wash over!

GL to you all.
Tom H.

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the way I look at it...

The longer the skunk streak goes, the better the odds on the next time out !!

The last one you got, wasn't the last. The next one was just destined farther out than you were hoping for... :brows:

or something like that :ROFL:

Glad you guys made it out for this, a little too warm for February, weather.

Better luck next time !! :head:

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:th: Skunk got me yesterday also. Steep hills and heavy brush was horrible but ya never know till you try. Met some nice folks though with other property also. BUT may have shot myself in the foot by giving them my 2 backups and teaching them how to detect ,now they want one too...O well no good deed goes unpunished---hahahaha-80 degrees was righteous but a little gold would have been nice too-John

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