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Rock with Teeth - Animal or Human?

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When I was little, someone gave me a rock with what appears to be fossilized teeth. I know the item was picked up somewhere in South America but I am not exactly sure where. I had completely forgotten about it until I recently found it in a box. I would like to know if anyone can identify if these are human or animal teeth and if the latter, what type of animal if possible. It creeps me out to think they are human so any input would be helpful.

Photos 8-11 are all from a magnifying scope at 30x. I focused on the teeth.




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Holy cow, think you might have something interesting ... Better bootscoot to a college anthro dept for enlightenment... Great score!...Cheers, Unc

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Vertebrate paleontology is not my expertise, but those teeth are not human and from the shape seem to be from a herbivore. That's all I got. Bottoms up! :oregonian_winesmiley:

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Hi everyone. I thought I would follow up. I heard back from the head of anthropology at the local college. They told me without a doubt they are not human and then after talking to another department, they felt the teeth may have belonged to a tapir. I have to say I am rather glad they are not human. That was creeping me out a little bit. lol. Thanks for all your help.

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