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Minelab GO FIND 60

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My Dad bought me a Go 60 to take with me everyplace because it folds up..hunting in the yard it seems if it beeps...dig it but works pretty good. Even picked up a 10 gram Franconia meteorite...not bad think.

Something to play with.

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Well after hunting a couple of playgrounds and LOTS of false signals....I would not recommend the go find 60 to anyone...buy an ACE 250 instead....better machine ,

Just my opinion

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Try different spots with it , you might of just been effected by EMF. Some play areas can be difficult with some machines and work fine with others.

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I have to ay ,I did not give up on the Go Find 60....I made a test garden , just to hear different coins in the ground.

All coins and a ring about 6 inches. My Xterra 705 found them no problem, screamed in prospect mode , next the Explorer...again no problems.

I got the 60 out and decided to give it a try....a few false signals to start , turned sensitivity down one notch...hit all targets with no problems....will keep it as a drag where ever I go machine.

So , I have to say it is a good machine to take along as an anytime detector.

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