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Saturday shooting

boulder dash

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Made it out around 11:30 Saturday for some much needed beeping. A good friend of mine pointed a finger to a wash where he found one .4 gram piece with his sdc2300. Straight away I went to work my new minelab pi detector. After several hours and much trash still nothing. Out of desperation I pulled out my favorite metal detector the gold bug 2. Still nothing... discouraged I went to a really old patch where in the past I had pulled many hundreds of small nuggets. Flooding had shallowed up about a 20 foot stretch. First target was a small sunbathing nugget. Slowing way down , more targets and more gold. Detecting for about 2 1/2 hours until it was to dark to see, I was digging small nuggets 20+ of them. Awesome fun and can't wait to go back.


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I second that notion....

Making it look easy, once again.



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WTG! :) Glad someone posted some gold pics here lately.

All my finds this weekend seem to be lead colored :)
Tom H.

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I'm surprised Fisher hasn't offered you a sponsorship yet..

Gotta detect wearing their racing colors only..

Personal appearances..

Signing autographs..

Realty TV show..

Trophy Wife..

Sports drink..

Power bar.

Book deal...

Nug sac..



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WTG! Boulder Dash, just goes to show those old patches are never hunted out. You need to Thank Mother Nature as we all know gravity sucks and over time them little buggers head deeper into the soil out of reach, along comes mother Nature with a blast of her furry and redistributes them just for you and that mighty GB2.

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