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Time for some self promotion ! :yesss:

With the western desert temps in the low 70`s , boulder dash and I decided to explore a new range of mountains. We detected a plethora of gullies but just couldnt get over anything. Heck , even trash targets were minimal ..Boulder dash finally nailed a piece, and some fines in a super remote gully, then I managed one bit soon after he invited me over...That was it though ..... Lots of exploring in a remote range, and there were also lots of abandoned mines...

Its not easy finding gold in a new area, but we were happy to score a couple pieces

Heres some pics of the trip...



This is Roxy, one of the two foxes that entertained us at the campsite


And the gold ...


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Heck yah!!!!

Nice pics and some nice gold

Sounds like you guys had a cool trip.

Thanks for the COOL pics.

Tom H.

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Personally, I don't mind the 'self promotion'.

If you work hard for something, you should be able to talk about it.

You guys tell it like it is... and I appreciate that.

Thanks for the report and way to go on that hard earned gold. :thumbsupanim


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Adam you're shameless self promoting like that. Sounds like a fun trip you guys, and a little booty to boot.

Old Tom

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Yes, keep promoting! I remember the first time I watched one of your drywashing vids on youtube.. Made me want to get back out there pronto! Always inspiring to see you guys getting out there and getting it!

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This forum is about sharing experiences, including finds and adventures...It is not "self promotion!" .... Now, that area looks kinda like the Belmonts area???... Never found anything there but it is very interesting, promising and looks like it just needs some serious prospecting, that is if you two know how to do that!!! :thumbsupanim:Just_Cuz_06::4chsmu1: Cheers, Unc

Edited by Uncle Ron
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