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Questiom on turquoise rough


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Many years ago when I lived on Silver Peak, Nv, I started dabbling in polishing some turquoise rough into free form cabs and set them in some sterling pendants I made. That was then (1976) and since have gone into pottery back here in NC.

I have started getting interested in doing some more pendants and cabs. I have no idea what to price(per gram or per piece) for a finished cab.

If I buy some good hard turquoise rough for say $5-$10/gram( just an example) what do folks add as a markup to the finished cab,double rough gram price or 3x or ???

Thanks for any help, just looking to add some turquoise pendants to our potter jewelry that we do now




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Hey Wyndam,

I do a little cutting and metal work as well. I recently started cutting some Sleeping Beauty turquoise from an old lot I bought years ago. I had some of the same questions about pricing.

I think it really depends on:

1. where the Turquoise is from

2. what the grade of the particular piece is

3. quality of setting, etc..

4. Where you happen to be selling it.

Iv done some pricing by looking at a few retail sellers online, ebay completed sales, and then tried to grade the piece myself.... Iv sold quite a few silver pieces with opals, amber, and other stones that i cut... I think iv just averaged the price with what I paid for materials, how much work i put into it, and what market I was selling at.

cheers and good luck!

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If you lapidary and smithing skills are above par and the turquoise is a good high grade you can expect 3X-5X.........

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